The Mega Rave | Drum and Bass Sessions | 08/05/08


The Mega Rave returns and this week and I dust off my old Drum and Bass vinyl and have a rinse. The show was surprisingly techy to be honest, I thought it would be more jump up and old skool, but thats what you get for grabbing tunes at random.

Also it was good to see my old decks still work, my records aren't all scratched and unplayable and I can still mix, just about haha.

01. Dillinja 'Jah Know Yah Big' [MetalHeadz]
02. Ed Rush & Optical 'Bacteria' [Virus]
03. Ed Rush 'Killamanjaro' [Prototype]
04. Source Direct 'The Crane' [Source Direct]
05. Johnny Jungle 'Killa Sound (Pascals Remix)' [Suburban Base]
06. DJ Hype 'Roll The Beats (Remix)' [Suburban Base]
07. Substance 'Rude Girls' [Ruffneck Ting]
08. Capone 'Growler' [Hard Leaders]
09. Ez Rollers 'Crowd Rocker' [Intercom]
10. Ed Rush and Optical 'Kerbcrawler' [Virus]
11. JB and DJ Spice 'Me Myself and I (Roni Size Remix)' [Back2Basics]
12. Shimon and Andy C 'Quest' [Ram Records]
13. L Double 'Da Base 2 Dark (Mickey Finn Special Mix)' [AWOL / Ministry Of Sound]
14. D-Bridge and Vegas 'True Romance' [Metalheadz]
15. Ken Ishii 'Stretch (Shogun Remix)' [R&S]
16. High Contrast 'The Basement Track' [Hospital]
17. Source Direct 'Snake Style' [Source Direct]
18. Goldie 'Jah Vip (Peshay Rollers Mix)' [Razor Edge]
19. Top Cat 'Champion DJ (Shy FX Remix)' [Congo Natty]
20. DJ Red 'Enta Da Dragon (Tekken 3 Remix)' [Trouble On Vinyl]
21. Nasty Habits 'Shadow Boxing' [31 Records]
22. Rufige Kru 'Shutting You Down' [Metalheadz]
23. Trace 'Sonar' [Prototype]


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